1. Molecular formula: C5H10
  2. Cyclopentane can be used as a new foaming agent for rigid polyurethane foam and can be substituted for CFCS which distroies the atmospheric ozone layer. Now it is widely used in producing non-CFCs refrigerator, freezer and cold storage and tubing insulating materials. With the coming of the deadline to use ODS by Montreal protocol; CFCs and HCFCs will prohibited soon, and cyclopentane will be play a key role in the polyurethane foam applications.
  3. Physical features:
colorless and transparent liquid, smell like gas oil.
Boiling point(101.3kPa):
Relative density(20oC)
Flash point: -42oC
Self-burning temperature: 361oC
Explosion limit(vol)
1.4 -- 8.7%
Fire hazard class
class A for anti-fire
class B for explosion-proof
colorless and transparent liquid, no mechanical impurity and suspending matters
Density (g/cm3)
Cyclopentane (wt%)

n-pentane (wt%)
Isopentane (wt%)
Isohexane (wt%)
n-hexane ( ppm) 10
Benzene (ppm) 1
Water ( ppm) 150

  Safety notice

Cyclopentane is ignitable and explosive, so it should be kept far from heat, fire, oxidant and chemical reactant. It should be kept in shady, cool, dry and well ventilated place. when transport, load and unload should be carefully and prevent vibration of the container. When delivery in the pipe, static electricity should be in grounding. Don,t swallow it when operation, and avoid steam absorbing and touch into eye, skin and clothes.

It should be noted that n-pentane and isopentane have lower bioling point temperature than cyclopentane, please pay attention to the safety notice of cyclopentane.